About Us

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About Us:

Welcome to The Gardener & The Cook. From the early days of our marriage Bo and I have enjoyed cooking together, and developing our own recipes. He does most of the cooking, and I do the writing -- and the gardening. Okay, okay, he occasionally helps with the heavy lifting in the garden. This new website and blog is a combination of two sites: "In the Garden with Maria" and "Cooking with Bo and Mia". Managing both sites, plus my book review site became a lot to handle, so I've narrowed it down to two sites: this one, and The Grumpy Book Reviewer


About Gardening:

I will continue to answer your gardening questions on this site. The gardening portion is primarily focused on gardening in the South, especially the very different climate and sandy soil conditions of Florida gardening. Some gardening information, however, is the same no matter where you live. I am excited to have become a Master Gardener, so I should be able to answer your questions even better.



About Cooking:

We will continue to share our recipes with you. We decided some time ago, to take better care of ourselves, and to try to eat mostly clean, healthy food. Real food. It’s amazing how our tastes changed after only a short time of eating real food instead of processed and packaged foods. We'll be the first to admit that some of our recipes are not completely healthy, but many are.

We definitely appreciate Southern cooking, but we try to take it up a notch, while still including many Southern items such as gulf coast seafood and grilled okra. We try to include a lot of fruit and veggies, and yes, we love our desserts. Everything in moderation, right? So, come along with us as we share our recipes and write about our adventures in our own kitchen, as well as great flavors we experience while traveling.